Treat and prevent dry, cracked heels and feet

Cracked heels are a common problem, especially as skin’s own elasticity decreases, usually with age. At first this may be nothing but a nuisance and a cosmetic problem, but when the cracks become too deep, they can become irritated and painful. Often times, the thickened dry skin around the heel is more likely to crack. Mechanical pressure or friction in this area can also be a causing factor. Make sure you give your dry feet the right treatment and help prevent cracked heels in the future. When it comes to treating dry, cracked feet it’s about closing the cracks as well as reducing the thick skin surrounding them. Constant care, by taking off excessive callous skin with a pumice stone and deep hydration are key.

  • Regularly work on removing the hard, thickened skin on your heels. This is important, as the cracks won‘t heal optimally and can recur if the excess of calloused skin is not removed.  A pumice stone or foot file can be used to carefully remove dead skin from feet. It’s best to work on your dry heels when they have softened after a bath or shower.
  • Apply a rich moisturizer like Aquaphor Healing Ointment® to protect the skin and lock in moisture. For best results, try it as an overnight treatment and sleep with cotton socks on. You’ll wake up to softer, smoother skin and healthy-looking feet.
Aquaphor Healing Ointment® protects to help heal dry, cracked skin on feet and is clinically proven to restore smooth, healthy-looking skin. Its protective barrier helps shield the skin from external irritants and keeps skin’s own moisture from evaporating. The moisturizing and nourishing formula helps restore the skin’s barrier and bind and retain moisture. These protective and moisturizing properties create an ideal environment that enhances the skin’s natural healing process. It is also completely free of fragrance and preservatives.

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