Winter Skin Care With Aquaphor®

1. Hydrate properly

A good fluid balance is key. Make drinking a glass of water part of your morning routine. Your skin slowly becomes dehydrated over night and early morning fluids can help your skin rehydrate. Throughout the day you should drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water. Only if your body is properly hydrated can your skin restore itself. 

2. Use a humidifier

Dry indoor heat can cause moisture loss, which leads to dry skin. Counteract this effect by using a humidifier at home. It works particularly well when you use it in your bedroom overnight. The humid air helps retain moisture and is soothing to your skin. 

3. Avoid hot showers

Try to avoid long, hot showers and instead use warm water. The hot water can strip your skin of essential oils, which can cause moisture loss. Also be sure to use a mild cleanser that is moisturizing to your skin. 

4. Use a rich moisturizer

Use a rich moisturizer after the shower to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier and keep it soft for the rest of the day. As a dry skin treatment for very dry spots like elbows, feet and hands, use Aquaphor Healing Ointment® to protect the skin and lock in moisture.

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