Pro Tips for Winter Skincare - Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Pro Tips for Winter Skincare

Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, we are still experiencing the woes of winter skincare. The air is dry, and our skin is paying the price. With the dryness taking hold and cooler temperatures in our future, we are eager to update our skincare regimen. Top local skincare experts are here to share helpful advice as we adjust our routine for the months ahead!
Treat yourself and your skin to some TLC this winter!
Treat yourself and your skin to some TLC this winter! Image taken at Woods Aesthetics.
Pro Tip #1: Use skin cleansers with a glycerin content and no sodium laurel sulfate foaming agents.

Laurie Hays, RN, at Facial Rejuvenation Center, sees this as the best recommendation for chapped, dry skin. “Safe options include pure glycerin bar soaps and naturally made bar soaps that retain their natural glycerin. Apply a high-quality skin moisturizer that’s rich in oil immediately after washing or bathing skin. This will add oil back and help to trap water,” she tells us. “Water enters your skin during water exposure, and oils prevent its evaporation by sealing it in. The oils will also seep into your skin to replace your lost natural oils. Most moisturizers have petrolatum or mineral oil as their therapeutic oil ingredients, and many scientific studies over the years have proven the effectiveness of these oils for repairing skin barrier impairment. Moisturizers that also contain humectants (water binders) are even more effective than those based solely on their oil content. These humectants boost skin’s water content by binding water in the skin, thus preventing its loss.”
Pro Tip #2: Find a multi-tasker.

Aquaphor can be a real lifesaver during winter months, and Jennifer Lee, Medical Director at REN Dermatology, agrees. “This oldie but goodie is a true multi-tasker for me. I use it to keep dry, chapped lips well moisturized, but also apply it to dry elbows, ragged cuticles and chafed noses. Sometimes if my eyes are irritated from windy, dry weather, I’ll even use a small amount of Aquaphor as an eye makeup remover in lieu of my regular one. I carry a little tube of Aquaphor in every handbag for easy access during the winter,” she tells us.
Pro Tip #3: Don’t forget your hands!

Winter can be harsh, and Robin Haney of Apropos Day Spa reminds us that gloves are not enough. “As you apply serums and moisturizers to your face at morning and night, apply the excess to the back of your hands and follow with hand cream (a good habit year-round!). Apply a hand cream throughout the day and before bedtime, and give the cuticles some extra attention,” she says.