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6 Beauty Hacks to Try During Your Next Uber Ride

Uber is a total lifesaver—we really can’t remember life before the game-changing app came along. But while your booking ride is real piece of cake, applying your makeup once you’re inside the vehicle, proves to be a difficult challenge.

Whether it’s stop lights, lack of mirrors or sharp turns, it may be difficult to achieve that flawless facewhen you’re sitting pretty in the backseat. However, expert makeup artists argue that application doesn’t have to be complicated, especially because there are useful tips that will suffice, even if you have a pocket-size mirror on hand.

To successfully apply your makeup on the go, know that things don’t have to get messy. To simplify the process, here are six beauty hacks to try during your next Uber ride.

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Use Your Fingertips
Makeup brushes and blending always ensure a flawless and properly applied finish, but Giorgio Armani celebrity face designer Tim Quinn recommends passing on the clunky tools, especially because using your fingers proves to be more beneficial.

“The Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Tints ($39) are genius, just sweep on and go,” he says. “Also try using a dark eye tint, as there’s no need for eye pencils and brushes—the tip of the wand (and your fingers of course) are perfect to apply a slightly smudged, modern smoky look.”

The same rule also applies for lipstick, as Kristen Therese Leonard, makeup artist and product developer for Winky Lux, stresses the importance of using your fingers for lipstick application. This is especially important because you probably won’t be able to apply lip liner with a steady hand.

“Try going for a stained look when applying lipstick,” she says. “Apply the lipstick to your finger first and then to your lips, keeping the edges blended and diffused.”

Time Your Application
Timing your application is also key, as you’ll want to make sure you apply your makeup during certain parts of your ride. Quinn says it’s best to apply eye makeup products at stop lights. That way you completely avoid any mistakes or sleight of hand.

In addition, celebrity makeup artist Jenny Patinkin advises to be weary of potholes, making it wise to skip out on complicated product application and just stick with the basics…