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Diaper Rash Causes: 3 Milestones to Prepare For

Your baby’s first years of life are full of milestones, some are pure moments of joy, some can lead to things that aren’t as fun – like diaper rash.

BabyCenter and Aquaphor® Baby have partnered to teach moms 3 milestones in your baby’s life that can be the cause of diaper rash. It’s important to be prepared for when babies start eating solids, teething, and when they get sick. This way you’ll be ready to treat and prevent diaper rash!

Use Aquaphor® Baby Healing Ointment at every change to create a protective barrier to help prevent diaper rash before it occurs.

To learn more about the causes of diaper rash, visit: https://www.aquaphorus.com/baby-skin-care-tips/

To learn more about the Aquaphor® Baby Healing Ointment for diaper rash, visit: https://www.aquaphorus.com/aquaphor-baby-healing-ointment/

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